501 West Green Street



Sunday, October 22nd

9:30 a.m.

Please come and join us!

Every other Saturday

9 A.M.

Breakfast once a month at 8 A.M. 

Check out the calendar on this site to get the dates we meet each month.


5-7 P.M.

Last Wednesday of the month except  

September, November & December 

Call to get dates for these months or check out the calendar on this site.


7 P.M.

Second Wednesday of the month

except for June, July, and August.

Special events in June and December.

Call the church office for these dates

or check out the calendar on this site.

We are very active in the work of the Red Bird Mission in Beverly, Kentucky. Make sure that you visit our Red Bird page for information on this mission and our next planned trip.

Butler United

​United Methodist Church